MBA Capstone in Business

Level of Difficulty: Strategic Corporate Management Extended Strategic Corporate Management Advanced Strategic Corporate Management
(2-year) (3-year)
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978-0- 978-0- 978-0-
9743087-2-2 9743087-3-9 9774064-5-6
Target Courses: Integrative business courses Integrative business courses Integrative business courses
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Basic Info: 8 quarters 9-12 quarters 8 quarters
5 regions 5 regions 5 regions
20 markets  20 markets  20 markets 
5 segments 5 segments 5 segments
  3½ to 4 hours 3½ to 4 hours 4 to 4½ hours
"Compete Against Computer" Option:      
Available Languages in "Compete Against Computer" Option:      
"Compete Against Peers" Option:
Available Languages in "Compete Against Peers" Option: English English English
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Textbook Chapters:
Decision Content Strategic Corporate Management (2 Year) Extended Strategic Corporate Management (3 Year) Advanced Strategic Corporate Management
Marketing Fundamentals
Profit Analysis
ABC (Activity Based Costing)
Advanced Marketing Tools 
Regional media, brand promotions, sales force incentives
Accounting, Finance and Manufacturing Fundamentals
Financial Analysis
Financial ratios, pro-forma planning
Business Partner Negotiations 
Licensing R&D features
Human Resource Management 
Compensation, productivity issues
Brick and mortar + web sales channel
Advanced Manufacturing Options 
Production scheduling, brand changeover, quality control
Capital Structure 
Short & long-term loans
Market Auto Adjustments 
Evolution of market needs and preferences
International issues     
Political changes, tariffs, exchange rates
Advanced Strategic Planning    
Strategic planning & analysis template